Northeast Ohio Home Remodel by Bukovac Remodel

Bukovac Remodel is a northeast Ohio home remodel company serving Lake and Geauga counties for over 30 years.

Why Choose Us


We love what we do. Our favorite thing is when the customer is satisfied. We want homeowners to be able to make an easy decision when it comes to choosing a contractor. Often times it can be difficult to find a contractor who is passionate and cares about the customers satisfaction. We always say the value is in fair prices and a seamless project.


We pride ourselves on being able to finish a job and satisfy the customer every time. From keeping all receipts of purchases to reimbursing homeowners for unused products, honesty is essential. Appointments, accurate estimates, start dates, and deadlines are always a priority.


Throughout the years we've learned that having one contractor minimizes the room for error between middle men. One small group of skilled contractors who are familiar with the projects allows the job to run much more efficiently. With every job we learned something which makes the next one even better.

Who We Are?

Since 1980, Doug began installing all types of flooring. Naturally in flooring you are dealing with a lot of other tasks as well, such as cabinets, plumbing, carpentry, structures and so on. Now we do nearly every aspect of remodeling. Mike has grown up helping Doug on the jobs and now splits the responsibilities of the business. Based out of Mentor, OH remodeling throughout lake county and northeast Ohio for over 40 years.


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“We want homeowners to be able to make an easy decision when it comes to choosing a contractor ”