Flooring and Painting

Flooring or painting…Which is better to do first? The answer may surprise you.  It is usually better to do most of the painting AFTER the flooring and most of the prep work BEFORE the flooring.

The ideal is to first do any prep work to the walls – e.g.ripping up wall paper, sanding and patching walls, etc. The reason for that is that this can damage the floors.

Also, it’s often better to paint the ceilings first, especially given that the ladders will rest on the floors.

From there, you should rip up the floors. Note: rip up can often result in minor damage to walls and base boards. If just carpet is being removed, this can scuff of the base boards. If tile, hardwood or laminate are being removed, this can often result in base boards needing to be removed. Removing base boards from the walls will usually result in paint chipping (so it would be a shame to do this after you freshly painted the walls).

New flooring and painting can change to entire look and feel of your home. Refresh your home on a minimum budget with remodeling services from Bukovac Remodel.

We install all types of flooring with over 40 years of flooring and painting experience.

  • Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • LVT
  • Floor Leveling
  • Subfloor Replacement
  • Stairs

A new coat of paint can often make a room.

  • Walls
  • Trim
  • Ceilings
  • Hardwood Staining and Finishing
  • Drywall
  • Texturing

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